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Jan 2, 2011

What do you feed your toddlers?

We have two almost three year olds, and one has a somewhat limited palate, the other eats a variety of food. No allergies, just picky! Every morning they try to kill each other over a big warm bowl of infant oatmeal and bananas (yes, infant cereal), they eat nutrigrain bars, most any type of fruit, applesauce, plain bread, rice, yogurt, steak, pork chops, some chicken dishes, most rice dishes, smart puffs and pirate's booty, cheese its, chex mix (they love the really hard brown pieces!!!), they love cookies and potato chips! OH, and of course they love chocolate birthday cake. Of course we don't give them those last three that often, they aren't near as healthy as everything else!

They drink milk and water, that's all they'll accept, and even after the doc says they should be very overweight for drinking this much they still drink around 5 to 7 sippies of milk a day... which works out to what, 45 to 56 ounces a day! They are not anything near overweight btw, they are perfectly sized to keep their pants up but definitely don't fill them out!

They won't eat bread once it has something on it, aka a sandwich, and they really shy away from most vegetables. Won't even touch deli meat, it's a texture issue. They used to eat cheese but won't eat it now. Other kids have offered them fruit snacks, candies, etc. and they say no and won't let it pass their mouths, which I still feel lucky about! I have tried giving them a gummy vitamin, but they just aren't old enough for them and I don't dare give them those hard chewables yet!

Anyone want to share what their toddlers eat? Maybe we can help each other??

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