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Jun 27, 2011

Comic Book Fans

Yes, Big Kid is a comic book fan. Nahnah has a friend who a few Christmases ago sent Big Kid a shoe box full of comics, and he has been hooked ever since. Every year on free comic book day we go to a few area comic book stores, and every year they give away free posters - we always grab them! It's fun to put them in a frame and decorate Big Kid's playroom with them, I think he has around ten to fifteen posters now. Some are huge, some are 8x10 - they are just really fun and make his playroom look so "boyish". The green was not my idea by the way, that was our compromise on him wanting camo walls and me saying not a chance. Looking at it now I may have been better off going with camo, the green is really wearing on me!! We have two rooms this color, I'm thinking of replacing it with a nice light aqua color... someday ;)

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