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Jun 6, 2011

Three year olds and video games

So I admit, I let my three year old twins try out playing Donkey Kong on the wii with me... and created a monster. They moved over from "Big Monkey" to Mario Kart, and it got worse. I only allow them to play a few times a week, for at the most an hour at a time. Is that awful?

Thing One is now gravitating to anything electronic in the room! If Daddy has his iPhone out, Thing One wants to watch him. If Big Kid is playing his DSi Thing One wants to watch him. It's getting bad. Every morning he wakes up now and wants to play "Big Monkey" or "the racing game". We tried reserving it to use as a reward for going #2 in the pot, and Thing Two just watches Thing One play, he still won't sit on the pot. Thing One can poo on demand to play the wii! I have decided to slow it down to one day a week, and play as a family - even if it's just us three. Half an hour and it's off. It's just scary how into it my THREE YEAR OLDS are, and it's easy to see why parents just turn games on and use it as a babysitter - I don't hear a peep from the kids while they are playing video games.

I really wish I had never opened this door, because it's a really really hard one to close. It just doesn't feel right in my core to allow my three year olds to get so involved in video games!!!

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