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I am mom to a 15 year old boy and identical twin 6 year old boys. I am the wife of a wonderful man. I have had celiac disease for 15 years. Those things define me in that order, everything else falls in line! I homeschool because the public school system was just letting my smart child slip through not learning a thing, on the honor roll no less. While I eat a completely gluten free diet I don't keep a gluten free household. No reason to make the kids suffer with me! I am writing a gluten free cookbook (slowly!) because I can't stand all the gluten free recipes out there that use five hundred flours, and I want to eat normal food like non-celiacs do. Just like I used to, I use one all purpose flour that ROCKS, The Gluten Free Pantry's All Purpose Flour. No, I do not get paid to say that ;) Every recipe on my blog can also be made with regular flour, use it just like I use my gf flour!

Apr 24, 2011

Easter Doodle Pro?

Happy Easter!! We had a great day, hope you did too!! Egg hunts, family, good laughs, and Steak and Shake for milkshakes and fries for a fun afternoon snack!! The boys love the experience of sitting in the restaurant dipping fries in ketchup, wearing the hats they colored, slurping banana milkshakes. I just love being able to eat gluten free fries and cheese sauce ;) Ok, the banana milkshakes are really good too!

We spent the morning trying to figure out how to erase the egg shaped "doodle pro" (will always be a magnadoodle to me) since they don't have the slidey thing down the side... and after finally finding the answer in a review of the product on amazon we figured out you use the back of the pen and rub the backside of the screen to erase it. Could they have maybe PUT THAT BIT ON THE PACKAGE??? Yep, my mother and I sat together this morning looking at each other like the world had finally turned on us. We were thankful for the internet this morning, we never would have figured it out otherwise!!!

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