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Apr 11, 2011

Shades CAN make a difference!

I went to Lowe's to buy one shade for one of our front windows, and found an entire shelf system full of levelor shades on clearance - and I mean clearance! I ended up getting new shades for every window in the front of our house, and paid $33 for 12 shades and $12 for all the mounting brackets. We were able to take the insulating blanket out of the playroom window finally, and I splurged and bought the fan shade for the half circle window too!! Now every window out front has the same shade on it, it looks so uniform and NICE!!! I have really been wanting to do this not just for looks, but because our house bakes in the sun all afternoon it gets really really hot. Putting up the room darkening shades has effectively blocked most of the heat coming from the windows, the front rooms are now so much cooler, on both floors! BONUS!!!

Thank you, Lowe's! This is the first time I have gone to Lowe's for anything - we live down south so Home Depot and Lowe's are right across the street from each other, literally. I like the behr paint from Home Depot, so it just became our store by default. Guess I'm a cheater now ;)

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