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Apr 26, 2011

Yes, it's a rant

I went on another blog based on being gluten free, actually found a number of them, looking at recipes that sounded awesome until I started reading the ingredients. I never should have started looking, because I got angrier and angrier as I went along. Every recipe not only called for five to seven types of flour, but if I were to seriously start cooking like that we would have to live like paupers otherwise to afford all of the ingredients!!! Seriously?! No wonder half of the people I meet who have celiac disease would rather eat gluten than deal with the diet, wow!!

Now I want to first say that I am "normal". I know we all think we are the norm until we find out we aren't, but seriously - if you made an omelet with anything that COULD go in an omelet that is currently in my fridge you would have two vegetables, eggs, and cheese. I have normal meats such as burger, pork chops, and boneless skinless chicken breasts thawing for dinners. I have boxed mac and cheese, white rice, and sweet potatoes!! The sites I happened across had photos of quiche for example that I would never put in my mouth there was so much in it. I'm all for being healthy but I refuse to eat something that has all my daily servings of everything in one dish. I love quiche, but not with my backyard in it! Who ever decided that because I have celiac disease I want to suddenly become a vegetarian, or never eat real sugar again? Good lord am I tired of tasting things that use "organic cane juice" for a sweetener!! WHITE SUGAR IS GOOD!!!!! I don't understand.

Is it because if someone is going to put the effort into making a product gluten free they need to make it free of every allergen on earth so it sells more???? Honey I would pay the extra two bucks for the ten cookies in the already $5 package if they TASTED LIKE REAL COOKIES!!! I have celiac disease - that does NOT mean I am allergic to milk, eggs, sugar, soy, nuts,... ... well I'm not. I do feel sorry for anyone who does have a laundry list of allergens, but for the love of pete do we all have to suffer with tasteless food together?

I know, I am ranting. When I eat a crumb of gluten I throw up for an hour or so and have diarrhea for 10 to 12 hours on and off. Fun, right? So yes, I have to adhere to a very strict gluten free diet. I also understand a lot about medical issues, and I know that having a disease that carries "malnutrition" on it's label can really hurt your body if you're not careful. I did not have "active" celiac disease until I was rear ended by a woman going 60+ mph which forced me into preterm labor with my first born. He was born at 32 weeks and by some freak of nature was perfectly fine. Within three months I weighed 90 pounds and was on weight gainers. I know darn well that is when I became symptomatic. Seven years later I was diagnosed. So for seven years my body was robbed of calcium for my bones, iron for my blood, I missed a lot. But it was only seven years. Most celiac sufferers are robbed of a lot more, and don't even realize what damage could already have been done.

I don't want to "settle" on crappy food anymore, so I guess I'll stick to my Udi's gluten free bread and make two sandwiches at once (teeny pieces), keep making up more good recipes and keep adding to my list of gluten free goodies. The ones that taste the best are gluten free by nature, like reese's cups and bananas. M&M's and ripe peaches! Mmmmm, starburst jelly beans.

And by the way, I am still eternally grateful to The Gluten Free Pantry for their AMAZINGLY good and easy to use all purpose flour!!! DON'T EVER STOP MAKING FLOUR!!!!!

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